Are you passionate about Family Therapy education?

We are looking for colleagues to share their enthusiasm, expertise and engagement with the Society for the Teaching of Marriage and Family Therapy. You can now take part in any of our active team projects to support Family Therapy Educators. Would you like to become involved in one or more of STMFT’s team projects? Have a look at our projects and register your interest here:

By participating in this 5-minute survey, you can let us know which project(s) you would like to be involved in and share how you’d like to contribute. Your input can drive meaningful change within our MFT Educator community. Below are team-based projects for which we are actively seeking contributors and collaborators:

  • C/MFT Educator Newsletter – sourcing, reviewing, publishing, and disseminating via email a C/MFT newsletter focused on MFT teaching practices, research and innovation in MFT education.
  • Early Career Mentorship – Seasoned MFT educators guiding early career MFT educators, including PhD students and others new to academia. Do you need a Mentor, or would you like to become a Mentor for an early career MFT educator? Register here:
  • AI in C/MFT Teaching – A task force identifying concerns and opportunities to utilize AI in MFT teaching, including policy development.
  • Exceptional Syllabus Committee – Gather and distribute exceptional syllabi from MFT educators who volunteer.
  • Decolonizing MFT Education – A task force to compile a repository of resources and materials aimed at decolonizing approaches to teaching and learning in C/MFT.
  • Teaching of MFT Conference Committee – Develop and facilitate virtual webinars and future conferences dedicated to research and scholarship of the MFT Educator global community.

Learn more about COAST (COalition of Associations for Systemic Therapy) here:

Become a member of COAST and STMFT (The Society for the Teaching of Marriage and Family Therapy) here:

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